PVC Screw, MS Trim Head, Twister Thread, Type 17

Patent Twister thread design features low driving torque and high holding power, and also MS trim head offers a concealed finished appearance.

Material Carbon steel 、Stainless steel

Application:  PVCWood、Chipboard、Composite

Size: M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16

Length: 16 - 400mm、5/8" - 15 3/4"

We can provide a customized service, including a variety of head, head recess, thread, point styles and surface treatment types, to solve you problems.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Screw Drivers

This combination does not exist.

Size: M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16

Product Description


  1. Patent Trim Magic Spiral Head provides a concealed finished appearance, without burrs.
  2. U Thread enlarges hole for countersunk head and reduces splitting.
  3. Patent Twister Thread low driving torque and high holding power, also reduces the wood split even close to the edge.
  4. Type 17 Sharp Point helps remove wood clips when drilling, reduces torsion
  5. Can be Stainless steel with high protection against corrosion for outdoor.


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