“Customized Design & Innovative Solution to Fulfill Your Needs”

With over 37 years of research and design expertise, Fong Prean has successfully developed more than 18 patented innovations. We continuously gather up-to-date market intelligence and tailor our fasteners to align with new building materials, cutting-edge tool advancement and evolving customer requirements.



Design Processes


Understanding customer’s challenges and objectives.

2D/3D Draft Design

Using 2D/3D software in drafting design for customer confirmation

Computer Simulation

Deform-3D with material by FMEA system

Mold Making

Mold design and making


Proceeding sample production


Confirming quality to do pull-out, torque and penetration test

Final Confirm

Customer’s checking and final confirmation


Innovation, embracing challenges and continuous improvement are the core values of our developed activities.

With long-term version, we always keep forward-looking approach to consider future trends and emerging technologies. Persistence of on-going training leads updated on the latest technologies and methodologies.