Deck Screw

As a deck screw manufacturer, we specialize in producing high-quality composite decking screws. Decking screws are specifically designed for outdoor applications, such as securing decking boards to wooden or composite frames. Featuring high corrosion resistance and special designs, our screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling, reducing splitting. Whether you need standard-sized screws or custom designs, we can provide you with the perfect solution for your decking needs. Also, combine our patented features like MS head, Twister thread, or Reamer for a perfect surface finish and drilling into hardwood to hardwood without pre-drilling.

Composite Screw, Cap Head with Ribs, Twister Thread
Innovative twister composite screw features good stability and cutting ability for various composite deck material.
MS Countersunk Head Screw, Double Thread, Sharp-Arrow Point
Special Sharp-Arrow point can screw easily without pre-drilling with U cutting thread which helps to cut material for quick and easy.
Multi-Purpose MDF Screw, Sharp-Drill Point
Difference between regular sharp point, upgrading sharp-drill point MDF screw is perfect for MDF board to light gauge steel,wood, and aluminum without pre-drilling. Patent MS head provide clean finished for deck application.
PVC Screw, MS Trim Head, Twister Thread, Type 17
Patent Twister thread design features low driving torque and high holding power, and also MS trim head offers a concealed finished appearance.
MS Trim Head Screw, Double Thread, Sharp-Arrow Point
Trim countersunk head with U cutting thread provides a concealed finished appearance and helps to cut material quickly and easy.
Cylindrical Head, U Cutting, Drill Point
The cylindrical head is chosen for it's aesthetic appeal into joint or gap of deck boards. Designed patent U cutting thread helps cutting wood easily.
Cylindrical Trim Head Screw, Twister Thread, Type 17
Small cylinder head can fix invisible in the material easily and reduces the wood split with patent twister thread design.
Cylindrical Trim Head, Double-Thread, Sharp-Arrow Point
Sharp-arrow point can screw easily without pre-drilling and with double thread holds decking securely in place.
Ultra Cylindrical Trim Head Screw, Twister Thread, Type 17
Ultra cylindrical trim head helps perfect countersunk and invisible appearance for decking and ceiling application.
​Trim Flat Head, Twister Thread , Type 17​
Trim head has circular head which closely resembles a flat head but big difference between the two head sizes. Wood screw with trim head and Twister thread offer for greater penetration into gap of ceiling or decking application.