Our comprehensive range of screws is tailored for various indoor applications. We offer drywall and plasterboard screws for walls. Additionally, wood screws and framing screws for frames, ceilings, stairs, and floors. Moreover, specialized cabinet screws for kitchen and wood furniture, including smart kitchen systems. Our product line also features stainless steel screws and collated screws, ensuring efficient and durable fastening solutions. Designed for stability, safety, and efficiency, our screws meet all indoor construction and furnishing needs.   


We provide high-quality screws designed for various outdoor applications, including walls, roofing, fences, pergolas, and decking. Our product line features stainless steel screws for exterior walls, metal roofing screws with high corrosion resistance, and Twister anti-splitting wood screws for fences. We also offer specialized screws for PVC pergolas and versatile deck board screws for different decking materials. Our outdoor screws ensure durability, stability, and ease of installation, meeting the demands of diverse outdoor construction projects.