Manufacturing Capacity

Fong Prean located in well-known screw industrial cluster, boasts a well-established and high-quality supply chain.

We have well-established manufacture process from wire, heading, point, threading, heat treatment and packing.


How We Work


Test and Certification of Non-Radiative Contamination.

Heading, Point, Threading

Inspections every steps.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment in house. Inspection.

Plating and Final Inspection

QC inspection for products’ test reports.


Tracing LOT number stamp on each carton. Heat treatment for our wooden pallets. Also provide paper pallets.

Container Stuffing

Deep clean to prevent seeds or any other pollutions



Partner with us for 

unparalleled manufacturing.

Beyond our extensive range of standard products, we specialize in crafting customized packaging solutions tailored to your unique requirements.