Customized Design & Patent Screws

"Customized Design and Innovative Solution to Fulfil Market's Needs." 
Fong Prean takes pride in its R&D team, a powerhouse of technological expertise and customer collaboration. Our team not only excels in designing screws but is also adept at working closely with clients to fulfill their unique needs, providing customized solutions that elevate market competitiveness. Our extensive product range includes wood screws, drywall screws, cement board screws, self-drilling screws, and wing screws, all meticulously crafted in Taiwan to the highest standards of quality and innovation.

MS Countersunk Head, CSK Screw
Magic Spiral Head type Screws makes the surface of the material flush and clean.
Msword Heavy-Duty Wood Decking Screw
No pre-drilling required used on hardwood to hardwood connection or heavy-duty woodworking projects.
MS Twister Wood Screw
Faster and more efficient with Low Driving Torque and High Holding Power!
MS Reamer Hardwood (IPE) Screw
Make your work easier with hardwood without pre-drilling. Stainless steel wood screws with a Reamer design offer convenience and efficiency for outdoor IPE deck applications.
GⅡ Gypsum Board Screw, Special Thread & Point Design
FP GⅡ was designed special thread and point for gypsum board with fast and stable.
Countersunk 12-V-Ribs Head, Fiber Cement Board Screw
The special 12-V-Ribs under head designed for use in all cement backer board, and provide a smooth surface.
Arrowy® Plasterboard Screw, Collated Screw
Save your time, Save your money.
3IN1 Multi-Function Screw
3IN1 was combined Hex-Star recess, Twister thread and Arrowy point. Creating strong composite screw is amid to offer ideal options of tough material application.