From the past to present, Fong Prean kept facilitating for Environmental, Social and Governance in which encompass various activities and services.

During the period, we actively spent a lot of time and manpower to build a framework for the concept of sustainability.

CO2  Reduction

150 kg


Electricity Generation

100 kWh



10 kWp

We aimed at integrating ESG into organization and improving sustainability, ethical practices and corporate responsibility.


Carbon Footprint Verification

Follow carbon emission reduction and global targeting, firstly we did carbon footprint verification which assessing and confirming the amount of GHG emissions associated with the company's operations, products, and service.

Solar Panel System

On 2011, we started setting roofing solar panel around the factory and till 2023 all they are completed. Not only facilities, it’s available to check data of carbon emissions and energetic generation by photovoltaic system to manage electricity saving.

Consumables Recyclable Management

Establish a system for collection used oil and iron fillings from production line, operators and equipment in the factory. Periodically maintain reused oil to optimized process and minimize waste.




 Annual Health Checkup

Prevent jobsite hazards and take care of secure live for all staff. Optimized production line for improved work environment.

 Social Care Activities

Conduct public welfare activities and invite relevant parties to participate in together.

 On-The-Job Training

Ensure that team members acquire the skills and knowledge needed to perform their roles effectively. Keep improving work skill for each jobsite.

 Occupational Health Nurse

Occupied in factory twice a week and provide consultation service for all staff.



Quality Assurance

Renew and maintain quality certification such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as the typical standard.


Invested ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to integrate all departments into one system which results in workflow efficiency and information transparency.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders are included by internal and external to an organization. We prioritize all stakeholders by focusing on attention and communication.