Company Profile

Company Profile

|About Fong Prean


Fong Prean was established in 1986 and is a screw manufacturer in Taiwan especially for drywall screws, wood screws, decking screws, cement board screws, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, tek screws, stainless steel screws, collated screws and custom screws. We offer professional service to assure the right and interest of each party and sustainable development. And also, we focus on the needs of end users to continue improvement with our R&D team.

"Customized Design and Innovative Solution to Fulfill Market Needs." With full equipped and vastly experienced research and department team, we have developed over 18 patent screws and successfully launched to the market. Our R&D team is also capable of helping customers to create innovative solution to fulfill their needs.

"High Production, Quality Assurance, and Reliable Delivery." As a screw manufacturer, we keep improving our quality control to increase capacity and reduce defect rate according to international standard certification, ISO, CE and ETA.



|Business competitive advantages

Fong Prean can help customers to achieve

  • Market - Customized design to fulfill market's needs and increase product’s functionality.
  • Profession - Over 30 year’s experience providing one stop solution to our customers with well- appointed equipment and full service
  • Certification - Providing customers with international standard certifications, CE, ISO, ETA, TORXTTAP
  • Innovation - Ability to research market needs, analyze industrial trends and create innovative products or solutions
  • Quality - High standard quality control to ensure best products are delivered



|Green Business

» Green energy - solar power

In 2011, the company set up solar panels in the factory roof, to generate renewable electricity.


» Energy savings - voltage equipment

In 2010, the company set up power stabilization system to improve power efficiency and reduce electricity wastage.


» Green Building - natural lighting

In 2010, we replaced part of the roof panel, to introduce natural light and increase brightness to save power and improve manufacturing quality.


» Green Knowledge - environmental education

Each year, we regularly conduct staff training on environmental knowledge and regulations in accordance with environmental policy, contingency plans, and simulation exercise.


|Environment policy

1.To commit to the environmental protection regulations.And satisfy the compliance obligations strengthen. The respondence of organigations context.

2.To implement the international standard on green products to improve the environmental  management continually.

3.To educate the environmental protection of the knowledge and concept.

4.To promote environmental protection by preventing the pollution and industrial safety accidents.