Composite Screw, Cap Head with Ribs, Twister Thread

Innovative twister composite screw features good stability and cutting ability for various composite deck material.

Material Carbon steel 、Stainless steel

Application: Composite、Wood、Chipboard、WPC Board

Size: M3 - M10、#5 - 3/8

Length: 9 - 400mm、3/8" - 15 3/4"

We can provide a customized service, including a variety of head, head recess, thread, point styles and surface treatment types, to solve you problems.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Screw Drivers
  • Size

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Size: M3 - M10、#5 - 3/8

Product Description

      Innovative Composite Deck Screw from Head to Point!

  • Cap Head with Ribs: The specially designed cap head with ribs ensures the elimination of mushrooming, providing a seamless and professional finish to your projects while enhancing durability.
  • Combined Arc Rings and Twister Thread: Our screw incorporates combined arc rings and patent twister thread, optimizing grip and torque distribution. This unique combination enhances fastening efficiency and reduces the risk of stripping or slipping, ensuring a secure hold in various materials.
  • Reduced Shaving: Engineered with precision, our composite screw minimizes shaving during installation, promoting a cleaner and more efficient fastening process. To ensure burr-free surface on composite decking application.
  • Fastening Grip: With a focus on performance, our screw offers a fastening grip that surpasses traditional options. Its superior grip ensures stability and reliability in demanding applications, giving you peace of mind with every installation.



Start working quickly for saving more time while installation.

The rapid initiation of work is facilitated by the integration of an obvious sharp point and a cutting Type 17 feature in our screws. This combination ensures swift penetration into the board, expediting the overall starting time for efficient and timely project execution.

High holding power ensured security.

Experience unparalleled construction security with Twister high holding power.This innovative feature strengthens material connections, ensuring stability and reliability in composite deck project.


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