Structure Timber Screw / Long Screw

Discover our selection of high-quality structure timber screw and long screw, including construction screws for framing, structural wood screws and long screws with drilling or sharp point. Designed for use in timber construction applications, these screws offer exceptional strength and durability. Explore our range of structural wood screws and long screws tailored to meet your project needs. With customize options available, such as dimensions, special coatings, and unique designs, we ensure to deliver screws of the highest quality that precisely match your requirements.

Modified Truss Head, Twister Thread
Modified truss head screws are widely used in ranging from construction, timber, furniture, and many more.
Cylindrical Head, Patented Twister Thread
Cylindrical head has applealing invisible appreance!
CSK MS Head, U Thread, Type 17 Sharp Point
Patented MS head provides perfect countersunk and burr-free while installation!
M8 Wafer Head, MS Twister, Timber Screw
Wafer head with MS under head design provides clean and flush surface of material.
Hex Washer Head, Patented Twister Thread
Hex head with Twister thread provides low driving torque and high holding power for timber.