Roofing Screw

Roofing screws, produced by our roofing screw manufacturer, are special fasteners used to attach roofing materials. They offer different types:

  • Corrugated Roofing Screws: Engineered for attaching corrugated roofing panels to wooden or metal substrates.
  • Roofing Screws with Washers: Equipped with integrated washers for a waterproof seal, commonly used in metal roofing applications.
  • Self-Tapping Roofing Screws: With a sharp point for easy and quick in roofing panels to wooden installations
  • Roofing Screws with Painted Heads: Designed with painted heads to match roofing materials and enhance aesthetic appeal.
  • Roofing Screws with Stainless Steel Caps: Utilizing stainless steel caps for added durability and corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

With various specifications available, including different sizes, designs and coatings, we provide versatile solutions to suit your specific roofing needs.

Hex Head, Sharp Point
Sharp point roofing screw is commonly used on fixing roof through wood to light metal sheeting. The type 17 point sharp point is a good design for driving into materials.
Hex Head with Bonded Washer, Sharp Point
The sharp point such as self-piercing roofing screw works for light gauge metal sheet or wood job without pre-drilling. Specially assembled with bonded washer to optimize sealing quality.
Hex Head with Bonded Washer, Drill Point
The drill point roofing screw works for metal to metal job on roofing. Equipping with bonded washer to enhance the security for sealing.
Painted Hex Head with Bonded Washer, Sharp Point
Head coated roofing screw particularly assembled with painted bonded washer not only withstanding weather condition, also enhance durability.
Painted Hex Head with Bonded Washer, Drill Point
The roofing screw with drill point is design for metal to metal installations. The painted head assembled with painted bonded washer to ensure high corrosion resistance.
Painted Hex Washer Head, Self-Drilling Screw
The colored hex head is perfect to overcome the strict weather in roofing. We provide wide range of coating and color for self-drilling roofing screw.