Exterior walls are not only outline of a house but also supporting the roof, floors, and vertical loads. The walls are mainly for providing protection against outside elements such as weather, moisture, and heat, ensuring the structural integrity and comfort of a building as well.

Wood frame walls are valued for their ease of construction and flexibility in design. They are a good option to be chosen for residential structures due to their affordability and the ability to customize. On the other hand, masonry walls are known for their durability because they are made from materials like brick or stone. These walls provide excellent thermal mass. Therefore, wood frame walls and masonry walls are common in residential structures.

When constructing or renovating exterior walls, stainless steel screws are highly recommended due to their rust and corrosion resistance, which significantly extends the lifetime of the structure. These screws offer superior strength and durability, ensuring that exterior walls remain secure and stable over time.

Fong Prean supplies high quality stainless steel screws to ensure your exterior walls are built to last. Trusting construction projects will withstand the test of time and the elements, providing long-lasting protection and support.


Stud、Plasterboard、Sill plate、Insulation、Sheathing、Sheathing paper、Siding、Foundation、Screws (for outdoor use)


Metal、Masonry、Vinyl、Wood、Concrete、Gypsum board、Fiber Cement Board



A beautiful roof can significantly enhance the appearance and style of your house. Roofing projects are essential for maintaining the integrity of your home, so it is important to ensure proper installation to prevent leaks and other issues.

In the market, there are many types of roofing materials to choose from. Metal roofing is the most common material, prized for its durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. Metal roofing is resistant to extreme weather conditions and can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Fong Prean's metal roofing screws are engineered for high performance and durability. We provide both sharp and drill point screws to meet different material needs. Additionally, we offer high corrosion resistance coatings, such as painted head roofing screws, to ensure long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal.

As more homeowners turn to solar energy, the demand for specialized screws for solar panel installation has increased. Fong Prean offers bi-metal drilling screws to securely fasten solar panels to the roof, ensuring a durable and robust installation.

By choosing high-quality metal roofing screws and screws for solar panels, you ensure a reliable and long-lasting roofing system. Fong Prean is committed to enhancing the value and longevity of your roofing projects.

Fong Prean is a metal roofing screw supplier, we provide high-quality metal roofing screws, solar panel screws, painted head roofing screws and etc for any roofing projects.


Eaves、Verge、Ridge、Rafters、Pitch、Drip edge、Underlay、Battens、Starter shingles、Shingles、Flashing、Screws、Roofing covering、Roofing ridge


Asphalt/ Fiberglass Composition、Fiber cement slate、Wood、Metal、Aluminum、Concrete and Clay Tiles、Natural and Synthetic Composite Slate Tiles、BiPV Solar Shingles and Tiles、Low-sloped and Flat Roof



A fence is a structure designed to enclose an outdoor space, and a beautiful fence can indeed make good neighbors! Different types of fences provide various benefits, including privacy, security, protection from the elements, and pet containment. For building a sturdy and long-lasting fence, using high-quality wood screws is essential.

One of the standout features of Fong Prean’s wood screws is their exceptional holding strength. Twister screws provide a secure grip that resists loosening over time, making them ideal for outdoor fences exposed to the elements and regular use. Whether it’s strong winds, heavy rain, or daily wear and tear, our wood screws maintain their hold, ensuring your fence stays firmly in place.

In addition to holding strength, Twister, anti-splitting wood screw, is a cost-effective option designed to prevent the wood from splitting during installation. This feature ensures quick penetration and reduces material damage. With Fong Prean’s anti-splitting wood screws, you can achieve a smooth, professional finish with less effort and fewer resources.

Available in various sizes and designs, our wood screws can be used for different types of fencing materials and applications. Fong Prean Twister wood screw save time and labor, making your fencing project more manageable.

outdoor fence


Posts、Rails、Furring Strips、Fence Boards、Concrete Mix、Exterior Screws (for metal/ wood fence)


Treated Wood、Cedar、Vinyl、Composite、Redwood and Teak、Cement board、Metal、Aluminum、Masonry、Chain Link



Pergolas and similar structures are often built using a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and composite materials like PVC boards. Fong Prean offers specifically designed screws for PVC applications that meet these requirements perfectly.

Our screws for PVC feature a twister thread that allows for easy drilling and quick penetration, saving time and effort. Twister thread ensures that the screws go in smoothly without splitting to the PVC material.

In addition to our standard PVC screws, Fong Prean also provides customized PVC trim screws. Not only offering both functional and aesthetic benefits, but also providing a clean and burr-free finish. The screws are coated to resist rust and corrosion, making them ideal for outdoor use where exposure to the elements is a concern.

Our commitment to quality and performance means you can trust that your pergola, pavilion, or gazebo will stand the test of time, adding charm and functionality to your home.


Slats、Posts、Crossbeams、Support beams、Bolts and Screws (stainless steel screws or high corrosion protection screws)





Outdoor decking is necessary for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking to create a cozy backyard retreat, a spacious area for entertaining, a commercial space, or a poolside deck, choosing the right materials and components is crucial. Various materials can be used for building decks, including treated wood, hardwood, and composite boards.

Fong Prean offers versatile deck board screws and composite decking products to ensure you have the right components for any decking project. Our deck board screws are crafted from high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel, featuring MS heads and Twister threads. These innovative designs provide perfect countersinking and secure installation, making them ideal for various decking materials including treated wood, hardwood, and composite boards.

In addition to deck board screws, we offer nylon hidden clips as an eco-friendly option. These clips simplify the installation process while ensuring a clean, burr-free finish. Our complete installation sets, which include hidden clips and various deck board screws, make the decking process straightforward and clean-looking.

outdoor deck path


Flashing、Ledger、Joists、Bridging、Decking、Beam、footing、(Railing、Railing post、Stairs)


Treated wood、hardwood (Merbau/ IPE)、Redwood and Cedar、Composite deck board