Wood Screws

Wood screws are specifically used for connecting wood to wood. We provide a variety choices of head, threads, points and Fong Prean's patents, such as MS head without burr, twister thread reducing split, and no pre-drilling require. Moreover, we offer wood screws in different specifications to meet your needs.

Size: M3 - M10、#5 - 3/8 
Length: 9 - 400mm、3/8" - 15 3/4"

We can provide a customized service, including a variety of head, head recess, thread, point styles and surface treatment types, to solve you problems.

timber screw, wood screw, type 17
countersunk head screw, special reamer thread and point
soft wood screw, chipboard screw
countersunk wood screw, gypsum screw
gypsum screw, flat head
MS countersunk head, double thread, reamer point, type 17
large head screw, timber screw, wood screw
full thread
wood screw
fine thread, type 17
coarse thread, type 17
decking screw, type 17
composite decking board
coarse thread
wood/ chipboard screw