Wood Screw / Chipboard Screw

As a chipboard screw and wood screw manufacturer, we offer a variety of high-quality screw products. Wood screws are designed specifically for secure connection of wooden materials, while chipboard screws are used for woodworking such as chipboard to wood or other materials. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient products to meet your various construction and manufacturing needs. Whether you need standard-sized screws or custom designs, we can provide you with the highest quality solutions.

Twister Thread Timber Screw, Pancake Head, Type 17
Pancake head are well-known with round and low-profile heads for fastening panel clips. The special design is available for collocating with shearing angle plate.
MDF Screw, MS Countersunk Head, Hex-Star Recess
Serrated thread with patent countersunk head design can cut the fiber of MDF board for quick drilling and reduce driving torque with clean finished.
PVC Screw, MS Countersunk Head, Twister Thread
Sharp-arrow point with Twister thread can drills easily without pre-drilling and also reduces the wood split.
Hardwood Screw, MS Reamer, Double Thread, Type 17
Special reamer thread and point with magic spiral countersunk head design provides clean finished without pre-drilling for hardwood.
Trim Flat Head with Ribs, Chipboard Screw
Trim flat head and ribs under head offer easy penetration into the material with more flush and clean finished.
Flat Head Wood Screw
The flat head are designed to join two pieces of wood tight and securely and also has perfect countersunk.
Flat Head, Ribs Under Head
Flat head with ribs is designed to clean the burrs and offer great countersunk. Combined two pieces of wood tight and securely.
Bugle Head Wood Screw
Bugle head wood screws offer a smooth and flush surface and also have a smoother transition between the thread and the head.
Bugle Head, Ribs Under Head
Bugle head with ribs shows clean and flush countersunk, and also have a smoother transition between the body to the head.
Pancake Head Wood Screw
Pancake head are well-known with round and low-profile heads for fastening panel clips to wood and others applications such as building carports and roofing work.
Pan Head Wood Screw
Pan head screws are a common type of non-countersunk head used in wood screw, self-tapping screw, self-drilling screw and machine screw. Pan head wood screws are used to join flat materials to timber.
Modified Truss Head Wood Screw
Modified truss head wood screws are combined with wafer head and round washer head, and feature a large diameter washer that offer a clean and low-profile surface.
Wafer Head Wood Screw
Wafer head wood screws are designed as a flat top surface and countersunk head which provide appropriate flush fit and bearing surface for wood and other materials.
Hex-Washer Head Wood Screw
Hex washer head wood screws are base on six sided head with built-in washer at the screw head, and also used in metal roofing prodects for warehouse, sheds and inductrial buildings.
Oval Head Wood Screw with Ribs
Oval head wood screws are combined with countersunk head and domed head, and with angled underhead can countersunk but the top of the head still protrudes above the surface.
​Round Head Wood Screw​
Round heasd wood screws are shaped almost like a one-half to one-third circle with flat botton, and join two pieces of wood or chipboard tightly and securely.