Super-Cross Recess Screw

SCR is a leading-edge drive system with the unique stability design without wobbling and cam-out.

We can provide a customized service (including size, head style, thread type, point type and surface treatment) to solve you problems.

  • Surface Treatment

This combination does not exist.

Application: Special Drive Recess

Product Description

  • Stick Fit bit fits drives tight & stable without wobbling and cam-out.
  • Better Driving high torques to save your energy without end load in the driven requirement.
  • Unaffected by Coating no need to design differences of drive deeps for different coatings and easy to control the quality.
  • Anti-loosen screwdriver even used on hard board or high density board.
  • Low Cost


We currently offer 4 sizes of SCR for cross head screw, Robertson screw and square head screw. It's available to custom depends on your requirement.

Comparing with Phillips, Square, Torx, PH/SQ recess drives by axial load 5N. The test result shows SCR screw has great driving performance with high torques.


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