MS Reamer Hardwood (IPE) Screw

Make your work easier with hardwood without pre-drilling. Stainless steel wood screws with a Reamer design offer convenience and efficiency for outdoor IPE deck applications.

Material : Carbon steel、Stainless steel

Application : Hardwood (IPE)、 Hard Gypsum Board 、 Plasterboard

Size : M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16

Length : 25 - 400mm、1" - 15 3/4"

We can provide a customized service (including size, head style, head recess, thread type, and surface treatment) to solve you problems.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Screw Drivers

This combination does not exist.

Size: M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16

Product Description


Patent Magic Spiral Countersunk head

Patent Magic Spiral Countersunk head are able to remove wood chips instantly and provides a perfect countersunk with clean, flush and burr-free.

Special Reamer thread and Sharp point

Special Reamer thread and Sharp point quickly grabs and fast drills into hardwood, hard gypsum board and plasterboard. It also prevents wood split even close to the edge with low driving torque without pre-drilling requirement.


Diverse Hardwood Materials

MS Reamer shows appealing drilling performance on various hardwood material and no pre-drilling requirement. The test references as following are harden board such as IPE, Maple, Merbau and hard gypsum board, especially the IPE and Kwila wood are usually used on deck application. Moreover, stainless steel MS Reamer is perfect drill into hardwood perfectly. 

From the left to right: IPE、Maple、Merbau (Kwila) and Hard Gypsum Board.


IPE & Yellow Pine Wood

MS reamer hardwood screw V.S. Normal countersunk head screw. 
To show the perfect countersunk and burr-free surface.  

Hardwood (Kwila)

MS reamer hardwood screw V.S. Normal countersunk head screw. 
To show the drill performance which no splitting near the edge of wood.



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