MS Countersunk Head, CSK Screw

Magic Spiral Head makes the surface of the material flush and clean.

Material : Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Application Wood、Hard Gypsum Board、Melamine Board、MDF、PVC、Rubber

Size : M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16

Length : 25 - 400mm、1" - 15 3/4"

We offer customized services, including size, head, recess, thread and point design, surface treatment, and packaging, to meet your specific needs.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Screw Drivers

This combination does not exist.

Size: M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16

Magical Spiral 

MS head fix it only once with perfect countersunk.

Self drilling Metal / Wood & Sharp point

Perfect Countersunk Showcase on Various Materials


Drilling Point w/ Wings tek in Hardwood to Metal Steel.

1. Thickness 40mm Ironwood with 5mm metal.

2. Thickness 40mm Ironwood with 2.4mm metal.

Drilling Point w/ Wings on Cement Board to Metal Steel.

1. Cement board to 16G.

2. Cement board to 20G.

Container Floor Screw- Drilling Point.

Material: Rubber to Wood to Steel

MS Head for Hardwood Decking.

Material: Hardwood to Aluminum.

1. Only pre-drill primary hole still leads perfect countersunk.

2. Hex-star recess reduces stripping and slipping.

3. Available for hardwood and connection 2 layers of aluminum.



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