Hex-Star Recess Screw

Special Drive Recess Series is designed specifically to overcome problems, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.

With the particular bit can stick fit well and stable, and star and hex bits are also working. Hex-Star screws not only reduce physical fatigue, but also extend the product life.

We can provide a customized service (including size, head style, thread type, point type and surface treatment) to solve you problems.

  • Surface Treatment

This combination does not exist.

Application: Special Drive Recess

Product Description


Unparalleled Stability and Precision

Experience the next level of fastening with our Hex Star Recess. This unique design provides unparalleled stability, preventing wobbling, stripping and slipping during the installation process.

Star & Hex Bit Available

Both of star lobe and hex bits are also accessible on hex-star recess.


Torsional Strength Test

1. Test: PH#2, SQ#1, SQ#2, Torx, Patent Hex-Star

2. Compare with several common recess to prove unparalleled performance of Patent Hex-Star recess.


Size Reference

1. Hex star recess could be instead by torx or hex if needed. To check size reference as alternative.


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