FP Countersink Drill Bit Set

Save your time and money with our revolutionary design, FP countersink drill bit.
  • Pre-Drilling Countersink Set- Drill bit & Adjustable Depth Stopper
  • Application: Wood, Hard Wood, WPC Board, Rubber, Plastic, Aluminum Board
  • Main Components: Drill bit, depth setter, stopper collar.
  • Size: #6-14 (M3.8-M6.5)

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Size: #6-14 (M3.8-M6.5)
Material: Carbon Steel

Product Description


Wood、Hardwood、WPC board、Rubber、Plastic、Aluminum board.

Adjustable depth stopper

Difference between Pilot Hole, Countersink and Counterbore.

Drill bit application range

#6 - #14、M3.8 - M6.5



  1. Special Tip Design- able to drill varied materials.
  2. Drilling without chips stuck.
  3. Replaceable Stop Chunk without Burning, marking or scratching on the surfaces.
  4. Adjustable Depth by drill bit stopper collar.
  5. No Burr and Mushrooming.
  6. Longer Product Life- 30-40% longer compared to others.

Screw Depth Setter designed not only for countersink drill bit but also for general screw bit (above 50L). The tool is adjustable with accurate control of drilling depth which will perfectly setting every screws.

  • Adjustable depth setter.
  • Replaceable free-spinning by drill bit stop collar.
  • No surface damage.



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