Flat Head with Wings


Application: Corrugated Plate、Sandwich Panel

Size: M3.5-M6.3、#7-#14

Length: 19L-400L

Point: #1-#10

We can provide a customized service(including head style, head recess, thread type, and surface treatment) to solve you problems.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Screw Drivers

This combination does not exist.

Size: M3.5-M6.3、#7-#14
Point: Drill Point with Wings

Product Features

Using 300 series Austenitic stainless steel and middle carbon steel
Why to use above 2 materials?

300 series Austenitic stainless steel:Corrosion Resistance、Good at Anti Rust、Non-Magnetic.

Middle carbon Steel:Partial Heat treatment which full hardening、to penetrate steel plate and to be lead thread.

Drilling Performance

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