Framing Screw

Frame screws, also known as steel stud screws, are specially designed for framing applications, including connecting light-gauge sheet metal parts together for buildings, houses, or other structures. Our frame screws and steel stud screws meet the unique requirements of construction projects. With various specifications available, including different sizes and coatings, we provide versatile solutions to suit your specific framing needs.

Pan Framing Head, Sharp Point
Pan framer with sharp point or G2 point is easily combining light gauge steel track to light gauge steel stud.
Pan Framing Head, Drill Point
Pan framer with drill point is good performance on heavy steel track to steel stud, especially we offer wide range of drill point size from no.1 to no.6.
Hex Head Framing, Sharp Point
Hex head framing screw is well-known as high holding in metal to metal, also recommend on plumbing, framing and roofing application.
Slotted Head, Self Piercing Screw, Sharp Point
The slotted head has a single slot horizontal indentation. The flat-bottomed slot is good for low torque and avoiding strip-out problem.