Main Products

Fong Prean, established in 1986, is a professional screw manufacturer with a focus on precision manufacturing and uncompromising quality. Specializing in drywall screws, wood screws, deck screws, self-drilling screws, cement board screws, roofing screws, wing tek screws and more, we offer a diverse range of products. Our technologically mature processes and stringent quality control measures ensure the delivery of screws that meet the highest industry standards. Trust Fong Prean for excellence in manufacturing and unparalleled product quality.

Fine Thread Bugle Head
The high quality fine thread drywall screws with safety and speed for fixing gypsum/ drywall to wood or metal on wall and ceiling.
Coarse Thread Bugle Head
Coarse thread and bugle head with high quality is your primary choose for fixing gypsum wall.
Hi-Lo Thread Bugle Head
Hi-lo thread screws, also known as double thread screws, offer a stronger grip for gypsum board.
Coarse Thread Screw, Plate to Plate
The special drywall screw with coarse thread is specialized for two plates connection.