Drywall Screw

As a leading drywall screw manufacturer, we specialize in producing high-quality drywall screws for metal studs. Coarse threads drywall screws are designed to securely fasten gypsum boards to wood. For attaching drywall to metal studs, fine drywall screws are recommended. Additionally, we offer our patented drywall screw, G2, featuring a special thread and point design for faster and more stable installation. Trust us for all your drywall fastening needs.

Fine Thread Bugle Head
The high quality fine thread drywall screws with safety and speed for fixing drywall to wood or metal studs on wall and ceiling.
Coarse Thread Bugle Head
Coarse thread and bugle head with high quality is your primary choose for fixing gypsum wall.
Hi-Lo Thread Bugle Head
Hi-lo thread screws, also known as double thread screws, offer a stronger grip for gypsum board.
Bugle Head, Drilling Point
Bugle head drilling point drywall screw are stable and safe for fixing gypsum to steel on wall and ceiling.
Drywall Screw Coarse Thread
The special drywall screws for plasterboard feature a unique coarse thread design that tightly grips between plasterboard, ensuring a secure hold. The trim head provides a perfect countersunk finish, enhancing the overall connection and appearance.