Cement Board Screw

Cement board screw, also known as hardiebacker screws, is a type of screw specifically designed for fastening cement board to wood or metal studs in construction projects. Fong Prean offers a variety of these screws, featuring a durable corrosion-resistant coating for long-lasting protection. With options including wafer head or flat head styles and various point designs like drilling, sharp, or spoon points, our screws provide versatility and ease of installation. Trust our cement board screws to ensure reliable anchoring, stability, and structural integrity in your projects.

Flat Head, Hi-Lo Thread, Sharp Point
Sharp point cement board screw is used on combining with cement board and wood. The hi-lo thread has smaller diameter than regular thread. Easily make deep cut on materials.
Flat Head, Drill Point
Drill point cement board screw is used on combining cement board and metal.
Wafer Head, Hi-Lo Thread, Spoon Point
Cement board with ribs under head allows perfect better countersunk. The spoon point penetrates boards easily and quickly with high pull-out resistance.