3IN1 Multi-Function Screw

3IN1 was combined Hex-Star recess, Twister thread and Arrowy point to provide fast drilling with stable and high holding power.

Material : Carbon steel、Stainless steel

Application : Gypsum board、Light Gauge Steel、Wood、Plywood、Cement board、Fiberboard、Composite

Size : #5 - 5/16、M3 - M8

Length : 3/8" - 15 3/4"、9L - 400L

We can provide a customized service (including head style and surface treatment) to solve you problems.

  • Surface Treatment
  • Screw Drivers

This combination does not exist.

Size: #5 - 5/16、M3 - M8
Highlight: Patent

Product Description


Hex-Star recess

fit well, stable and better driving for load-bearing materials.

Twister Thread

Low driving torque, high holding power and no split near the edge of timber.


Powerful point for fast drilling.


3IN1 multi-function screw prevents the timber splitting, especially near the edge.   

Left: 3IN1 multi-function screw v.s. regular screw drilled 9mm from the edge of treated wood.

Right: 3IN1 multi-function screw v.s. regular screw drilled 12mm from the edge of yellow pine.

Comparing with self-drilling screws with wings tek, 3IN1 multi-function screw is faster and cheaper for cement board or wood to steel with the flat finished surface.

Left picture: 3IN1 multi-function screw v.s. self-drilling screw_cement board to 0.9mm steel.

Right picture: 3IN1 multi-function screw on OSB and Plywood with the flat finished surface.

3IN1 V.S Clip Screw

  • Metal to Wood Application
  • Screw: M5.0 x 38mm 3IN1 Multi-function screw V.S. Clip screw


  • Test: Penetration_Drilling Speed (Sec.) and Pull Out Strength (Kgf)


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