Customized Design & Patent Screws

"Customized Design and Innovative Solution to Fulfil Market's Needs." Fong Prean R&D team is not only knowledgeable with technology to design, but also capable of working with customers to achieve their needs and customizing to enhance the competitiveness on the market. such as wood screw, drywall screw, ceement board screw, self-drilling screw, and wings screw.

All 100% made in Taiwan.

Hardwood to hardwood, no pre-drill required
soft wood screw, chipboard screw
countersunk head screw, special reamer thread and point
countersunk wood screw, gypsum screw
cement board screw, flat head screw
special thread and point
gypsum screw, collated screw
gypsum screw, flat head
carbon steel cutting bit for drywall
Hidden grooved fastener system
drill bit and depth stop
Hex-Star screws- Fong Prean
drive system