The interior walls play a crucial role in the architectural design and functionality of a building. In addition, walls transform a large, open space into two or more small rooms, providing privacy, security, and efficient heating and cooling. Interior walls fall into two main categories: load-bearing and non-load bearing. The choice of screws for these walls depends on the materials used.

There are several common materials used for interior walls, including light gauge steel, wood, gypsum board, fiber cement board and even functional panel such as fire-resistant drywall panels and moisture drywall panel.

When it comes to choosing screws for your interior wall materials, Fong Prean offers patent GII gypsum board screw is of high quality and features fast, stable installation for wood to steel, gypsum to steel and it’s available to produce by collated screws.

In conclusion, choosing the right screws for interior wall materials is important for the longevity and safety of construction. Whether using what kind of material, the Fong Prean GII gypsum board screw is the best reliable and efficient choice for cladding.  


Soleplate、Top plate、Timber or Metal Studs、Sill plate、Filler or Plaster、Surface board、Screws


Fiber Cement board、Moisture Drywall Panel、Gypsum board、Plywood、Wood、Vinyl、Metal、Light Steel Gauge、Plastic、OSB



Framing is a fundamental stage in new home construction, forming the basic structure of the walls. This process involves the assembly of various components including interior and exterior walls, roof base, door frames, and window openings. This crucial step lays the groundwork for the rest of the construction process.

The framework of a building consists of several elements such as beams, walls, flooring, ceilings, roof framing, and openings for doors and windows. Among the various methods used in construction, timber or wood frame construction is one of the most common.

When it comes to fastening these components, the Fong Prean Patent Twister wood screw is a versatile choice. Designed for effectiveness and safety, it offers high holding power and low driving torque. The anti-splitting installation feature further enhances its appeal, making it a top choice for your construction needs.


Top Plate、Top Cripples、Header、Trimmer、King Stud、Studs、Sill、Subfloor、Bottom Cripples


Wood、 Metal Stud、Aluminum、Vinyl、Fiberglass、Concrete



Ceiling is mainly enhancing the artistic of a room, a loft or a hallway. The choice of the right color, style, and materials can significantly elevate the all around face. However, the choice of ceiling materials is also critical for structural integrity. A wrong chosen or installed ceiling could potentially collapse, heading for disaster.

There are several materials used for ceilings included wood, metal, plaster and aluminum. Fong Prean has wide range of products for each material according to your requirement.

For steel, the powerful thread G2 gypsum board screw is your priority. This screw is designed to provide a impressive fast penetration in steel materials. For wood applications, the experienced Twister wood screw is an excellent choice.

Moreover, if you’re considering the appearance in wooden grooved panel, the ultra trim head wood screw is your best solution. This screw has a small head that easily drill into the gap of panels, making it ideal for applications where aesthetics are important.


Border Panel、Main Beam、Cross-Tee、Hanger Wire、Wall Molding、Ceiling Board、Joist、Screws


Wood、Gypsum Board、Plaster、Aluminum、Metal



Stairs service as a vital link between a floor to another. Given their permanence and visual prominence, the choice of material is significant, with options ranging from wood and metal to concrete and more.

Among these, wooden stairs stand out as a traditional and affordable choice, bringing warmth and natural beauty to any home. Their popularity can be traced back to ancient societies, where wood was readily available and easy to work with.

The design of stairs can vary widely, from straightforward straight stairs to more complex split staircases. Regardless of the style, the construction of stairs demands attention to detail, particularly in the choice of screws. The right screws are essential for ensuring safety, durability, and longevity.

At Fong Prean, we provide high-quality screws with superior holding power to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re constructing a grand staircase or a simple set of steps, our screws provide the reliability you need for a secure and lasting build.


Stringers、Treads、Risers、Post、Pickets、Stair Rail Cap、Rim Joist、Screws


Wood、Glass and Acrylic、Metal、Concrete



With a plethora of flooring materials available in the market, you can tailor your choice to match house style and personal preferences. Options range from hardwood, vinyl, engineered wood, bamboo, concrete, to carpet floors, and more.

Among these, wooden flooring stands out often as a popular choice for interior floors. It offers a warm, soft, and comfortable feel underfoot. This timeless material comes with two types of foundations: slab on grade and crawl space or basement, catering to different structural needs.

At Fong Prean, we specialize in providing solutions for a wide range of flooring materials. Our screws are not limited to hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and laminate wood flooring. We understand that each material has unique requirements, and choosing the right screw is crucial for the durability and longevity of your floor.

Our screws are designed to cater to the specific needs of different flooring materials, ensuring a secure fit and superior holding power. Whether you’re installing a new floor or renovating an existing one, our screws provide the reliability you need for a sturdy and lasting build.

We’re not just providers as well as we’re problem solvers. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and offer the best solution, ensuring a smooth and burrs-free flooring installation experience.


Joist、Stud、Still Plate、Joint Header、Sub-flooring、Strut Screws


Hardwood、Engineered Wood、Bamboo、MDF、Plywood、Vinyl、Fiber Cement Board、OSB Board



Creating a stylish and functional cabinet is an art that begins with the intelligent selection of the right materials. Wood is often the preferred choice for cabinets, especially in kitchens, due to its durability. However, the choice of fasteners, such as cabinet connecting screws, is equally important. The right selection can significantly save both time and money, contributing to a smart kitchen solution.

At Fong Prean, we understand this need and have designed a unique kitchen cabinet screw ​ specifically for cabinet construction. Our MS countersunk head screw not only provides a clean finish but also saves work time, making it an integral part of our smart kitchen solutions. Moreover, the reamer thread and point allow for quick starting and reduce splitting, eliminating the need for pre-drilling. This feature of our kitchen cabinet screws ensures a secure connection between cabinet parts, enhancing the overall durability of your kitchen cabinets.

Whether you’re a professional cabinet maker or a DIY enthusiast, our kitchen cabinet screws are designed to make your cabinet construction process smoother and more efficient.

A professional cabinet connecting screws supplier, Fong Prean have designed a unique kitchen cabinet screw​ specifically for cabinet construction.


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Hardwood、Solid Wood、Particleboard、MDF、Plywood、Metal、Laminate、Melamine、Stainless Steel