Hex-Star Recess Screw

Hex-Star Recess Screw

  • Hex-star recess is a leading-edge drive system. With the particular bit can stick fit well and stable, and star and hex bits are also working. Hex-Star screws not only reduce physical fatigue, but also extend the product life.
  • We can provide a customized service (including size, head style, thread type, point type and surface treatment) to solve you problems.


Carbon steel、302、304、305、316 Stainless Steel



  • Fit well and Stable without wobbling and cam-out.
  • High Torsion reduce bit fracture and extends the bit life.
  • Better Driving for load-bearing material and save your enegy.
  • Convenience for extra advantage. Star/six lobe and Hex bits are also available for Hex-Star recess.

Torsional Strength Test

Comparing with Square #1, T15, Phillips #2, Square #2, T20 and H3T20


Size Reference