Chipboard Screws

Chipboard screws are used in Structural steel industry, Metal construction industry, Mechanical equipment industry, Automobile industry and so on. Suitable for shaving board and wood, they are commonly used in cabinets and floors.

Size: M3 - M10、#5 - 3/8 
Length: 9 - 400mm、3/8" - 15 3/4"

We can provide a customized service, including a variety of head, head recess, thread, point styles and surface treatment types, to solve you problems.

soft wood screw, chipboard screw
countersunk wood screw, gypsum screw
MS Trim head screw, Twister thread, Type 17 sharp point, PVC screw
twister thread for wooden grooved panel
MS countersunk head, hex-star recess, double thread, serrated thread, sharp-arrow point
PVC screw, MDF screw, countersunk head, twister thread
MS countersunk head, double thread, reamer point, type 17
long/ lag screw
U thread, type 17
U thread, type 17
U thread, type 17
long/ lag screw