Twister Wood Screws

Twister Wood Screws

Application: Chipboard、Soft Wood、Decking Screws
Size: M3-M8
Length: 16L-400L

High quality, multipurpose screws. Popular with the experts, Low driving torque and faster drilling speed.


C1022、10B21 Carbon Steel Screw、302、304、305、316, Stainless Steel Screw







  • Patented Spiral head design. The head can be perfectly flush with the surface without any burr.
  • Patented high-holding thread design. It enhances the stability and safety after drilling the application.Reduces the fatigue of the installers and increases the working efficiency by 60%. It can also reduce the battery loss of the power driver.


  Twister Screw  V.S.  Type 17 Screw  

The drilling performance of Twister Screw is better than Type 17.It can minimize the splitting of timber, even near the edge.


Twister Screw provides Low driving torque and high Holding power.