Hex Washer Head

Hex Washer Head

We can provide a customized service(including head style, head recess, thread type, and surface treatment) to solve you problems.

Using 300 series Austenitic stainless steel and middle carbon steel

   Why to use above 2 materials?   

  • 300 series Austenitic stainless steel:Corrosion Resistance、Good at Anti Rust、Non-Magnetic.
  • Middle carbon Steel:Partial Heat treatment which full hardening、to penetrate steel plate and to be lead thread.

To penetrate 18mm steel plate.

Production range 75-390mm.


Using on Architecture (ex. corrugated plate、sandwich panel ect……)


   Drilling Performance  

  • Ruspert coating:resistance to salt water (salt spray test 500-1500hrs)、

        weather changes & Kesternich test for 10-15 cycles.

  • Zinc plated