Arrowy® Drywall Screws

Arrowy® Drywall Screws

Category: Gypsum board、Wood、Plywood、 Fiberboard、 Steel
Size: #6-#10、M3.5-M4.8
Length: 7/16"-2"、9.5L-50L

Used for fixing quickly on Gypsum board to light gauge steel or Gypsum board to wood (light gauge to light gauge steel).

Arrowy has a powerful and strong holding design; it can be fixed on the Gypsum board without tearing the paper.

The very sharp point has the perfect drilling performance . Faster drilling speed and very stable quality.

   Applications     Gypsum board、Wood、Plywood、Fiberboard、Steel

Arrowy Screw has the powerful thread. The Sharp Point provides the fast and stable drilling.

Arrowy Screw is available for fixing Gypsum board to Timber ( like Pine, Plywood, OSB and so on) or thin steel.

   Cost      Arrowy < Wing screw (The price of Arrowy is lower than Wing Teks screw)

   Drilling Time       Arrowy < Wing screw (The drilling time of Arrowy is less than Wing Teks Screw)

   Holding Power      Arrowy > Wing screw (The holding power of Arrowy is higher than Wing Teks screw)