Arrowy® Drywall Screw, Collated Screw

Arrowy® Drywall Screw, Collated Screw

Save your time, Save your money.

Material: Carbon steel、Stainless steel
Application: Gypsum board/drywall、Wood、Plywood、 Fiberboard、 Light Gauge Steel、Collated Screws
Size: #5 - 5/16、M3 - M8
Length: 7/16" - 15 3/4"、9L - 400L

We can provide a customized service(including head style, head recess,  thread, and surface treatment) to solve you problems.


C1022、10B21 Carbon Steel、302、304、305、316, Stainless Steel Screw



         1. Light Gauge Steel to Light Gauge Steel

         2. Gypsum to Light Steel

         3. Wood to Steel

         4. Collated Screws






        Arrowy® has the powerful thread and sharp point to provide-

  • Widely-used
  • Speedy and Stable
  • High Holding Power
  • Lower Cost


Arrowy® Powerful Thread and Sharp Point provides the fast and stable drilling.


    Arrowy®  V.S.  Wings Screw    

   Lower Cost      Arrowy® < Wing screw

   Faster Drilling Time       Arrowy® < Wing screw 

   Higher Holding Power      Arrowy® > Wing screw

Arrowy® Screw is available for fixing Gypsum board to Timber ( like Pine, Plywood, OSB and so on) or thin steel.

Pilot Point V.S. Wings Screw V.S. MS Arrowy Screw by Fong Prean

0.03     Pilot Point on 19mm OSB to 1.2mm steel stud

0.13     Wings Screw on 19mm OSB to 1.2mm steel stud

0.25     Patent MS Arrowy on 19mm OSB to 1.2mm steel stud- Quick start and drill faster & perfect countersunk without burrs.