" Fong Prean provide professional service to assure the right and interest of both parties and sustainable business development. "

We invested in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to integrate all departments into one system which results in workflow efficiency and information transparency. Moreover, we focus on market demand and are able to provide professional service to customers with our passion, knowledge, truthfulness and politeness.


IT Management

We provide functional ERP modules

|Sales Module

(1) We quickly offer our customers Inquiry and quotation service.

(2) We quickly establish content of customer orders and price management services.

(3) We quickly establish products information and packaging material content.

(4) We quickly confirm the order-related documents services.


|Production modules

(1) We quickly provide customer orders and production status query services.

(2) We quickly provide complete production resumes information services.

(3) We quickly track production batch query service.

(4) We quickly integrate orders and establish production scheduling plan.


|Procurement modules

(1) We quickly established suppliers' material information and materials price management services.

(2) We quickly provide supplier delivery schedule query services.

(3) We quickly provide materials inventory real-time query service.


|Quality control modules

(1) We quickly provide production process quality inspection report.

(2) We quickly establish test specifications and correction of services.

(3) We quickly establish testing equipment management and calibration services.


|Shipping modules

(1) We quickly provide shipping orders information services.

(2) We quickly provide customs shipping documents services.


|Financial modules

(1) Accounting General Ledger management.

(2) Receivables and payables management.

(3) Accounting cost management.