Bugle Head Coarse

Bugle Head Coarse

Application: Drywall/ Gypsum Board to Wood
Size: M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16
Length: 9-300mm、3/8"-12"

We can provide a customized service(including head style, head recess, thread type, and surface treatment) to solve you problems.


Head: M3 - M8、#5 - 5/16
Length: 9-300mm、3/8"-12"


Head Styles

Flat head (with ribs)、bugle head (with ribs)、Trim head (with ribs)、Cap head、Wafer head、Truss head、Modified truss head、Oval head、Round head、Pan head、Pancake head、Hex-washer head、Washer head (with ribs)、Patent MS head、Patent 12-V-ribs head、Custom design head


Thread Styles

Coarse thread、Fine thread、Hi-lo thread、Twinfast thread、Machine thread、U thread、Cutting thread、Reverse thread、Serrated thread、Patent twister thread、Custom design thread


Point Styles

Sharp point、Type 17、Twin cutting point、Drill point、Drill point with wings、Spoon point、Reduce point、Patent reamer、Patent arrowy、Custom design point


We can provide a customized service, including a variety of head, head recess, thread, point styles and surface treatment types, to solve you problems.

Please provide your problems, and we can create a customized screw to solve the problem!

  • M= thousand pieces