Twister Wood Screw

Twister Wood Screw

Low Driving Torque & High Holding Power!

Materical: Carbon steel、Stainless steel
Application: Chipboard、Soft Wood、Deck
Size: M3-M8
Length: 16L-400L

We can provide a customized service(including head style, head recess,  point, and surface treatment) to solve you problems.


C1022、10B21 Carbon Steel Screw、302、304、305、316, Stainless Steel Screw



     Soft Wood



M3-8 X 16L-400L





  • Patent Spiral countersunk head design,can be perfectly flush with the surface without any burrs and mushrooming.
  • Patent Twister thread design,enhances the stability and safety after drilling the application. Reduces the fatigue of the installers and increases the working efficiency by 60%. It can also reduces the battery loss of the power driver.
  • Low driving torque and high holding powerreduces the wood split even close to the edge.

      No Mushrooming         No Splitting


  Twister Screw  V.S.  Type 17 Screw  

The drilling performance of Twister Screw is better than Type 17.It can minimize the splitting of timber, even near the edge.


  Low Driving Torque and High Holding Power  



Patent MS Twister Wood Screw by Fong Prean

0.00     MS Twister screw on pine wood

0.18     MS Twister for Chipboard、soft wood and decking

0.22     Magic Spiral Head (Patent)- perfectly countersunk into timber without any burr and bulging

0.27     Sharp Point- sharp point allows to grab a surface easy quick start and fast penetration

0.33     Twister Thread (Patent)- low driving torque and high holding power. Labor saving and increase 60% working efficiency. No split even drilling close to the edge.

0.43     Hex-Star Recess (Patent)- stable without wobbling and come-out. High torsion. Reduce bit fracture and longer bit lift. Better driving, in particular for load-bearing wood.

Patent MS Twister Wood Screw Near the Edge of  Timber

0.02     Cutter thread wood screw_10mm from the edge of the timber- Splitting

0.13     MS Twister wood screw_10mm from the edge of the timber- No splitting