3IN1 Multi-Function Screw

3IN1 Multi-Function Screw

Material: Carbon steel、Stainless steel
Application: Steel、Wood、Decking、Cement board、Roofing
Size: #8-#14、M4.2-M6
Length: 1"-8"、25L-200L

We can provide a customized service(including head style and surface treatment) to solve you problems.


Carbon steel、302、304、305、316 Stainless Steel



1. Wood to Wood

2. Cement Board (Hardi-board or Wood) to Steel

3. Steel to Wood (Plywood, OSB or Wood Purlins)



   3 in 1   

  • Hex-Star Recess- fit well, stable and better driving for load-bearing materials.
  • Twister Thread- Low Driving torque, High holding power, and no split near the edge of timber.
  • Arrowy® - Powerful point for fast drilling.


 It prevents the timber splitting, especially near the edge.


Comparing with Self-drilling screws with wings, 3 in 1 screw is faster and cheaper for cement board or wood to steel.


          Hex-Star Recess Size