FP T-Hidden Clips, Fastener Deck Connector with Screw

FP T-Hidden Clips, Fastener Deck Connector with Screw

FP T-Hidden clips with screws are your easy way for fastener decking solution. They can work with several types of decking boards to provide perfect and clean finished look.

  • Decking Hidden Fastener System comes with T-Hidden clips, Decking screws with sharp point or drilling point, and long drill bit
  • Application: Decking、Grooved board
  • Material: Nylon_Eco-friendly
  • Color can be customized.

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  • T-Hidden Clip: Nylon_ Eco-friendly (Color can be customized)
  • Decking Screw: C1022、10B21 Carbon Steel Screw、302、304、305、316, Stainless Steel Screw



Decking、Grooved Board


  • With Sharp point screw can connect decking board with timber.
  • With Drilling point screw provides decking board connecting with Aluminum frames (Max. 2.0mm).



  • T-Hidden Clip: 

  • Decking Screw: M4 - M4.2 and below




  • Comes with T-Hidden clips and decking screws set, increased your work efficiency 
  • T-Hidden clip can customized color with head painting screw
  • Povides an clean and unblemished finish look
  • 90 degree installation, easy and quick
  • With ribs design can reduce sliding and avoid crimping, tight and stability
  • With patent Twister Thread design has perfect drilling ability into wood.