Our R&D Team Have Developed Over 25 Patent Screws

The R&D team is capable of working with customers to achieve their request and customize new items to enhance competitiveness in market positions.
Creating and designing are our advantages as well. So far our annual R&D fee is 3% of all expense, and we’ve already got over 17 Patents.
We do have knowledge and technic to present new look of the fasteners.
Cooperate with our sales and quality assurance teams to discover problems, figure out the ways, research demands and create new products.

Abilities of R&D

  • Design, testing and analysis for performance of fasteners.
  • Design of forge pinpoint die.
  • Design unique fasteners that customers require.

Mission of R&D

  • Save time.
  • Save money.

Customer is our priority

Our professional customer services start with meeting customers' demands, working according to their request to support and help their business.
We believe in meeting customers’ satisfaction through the products we provide.
Meeting customer’s request and satisfaction is our destination and business journey.