Quality Assurance

Fong Prean Company is noted for its quality and perfect quality assurance system among its business circle. Our definition of quality control is planning, systematic, and organizing. Thus we say that what quality administration should strengthen are the employees’ activities in the enterprise and to ensure proper activities within the organization by use of mental attitudes is to begin with the change of mental attitudes in the employees. In view of the quality standard of ISO 9000 is gradually become the international quality standard. We have established ISO 9001 quality assurance system through the guidance of the mechanical institute of the Industrial Technical Research Institute. Besides, by carrying out the system, We constantly rationalize the operation of the whole organization and raise its operational effectiveness.

 Quality Policy

  » Customer Satisfaction.
  » Research and Development.
  » Continuously Improvement.

Fong Prean Co. is reputed for its quality and perfect assurance in the business community. With our efficient and flexible management, all our staff have the equality and detail understanding ability. In addition to our quality management system, our products always exceed our customer's expectation.

Continuous improvement is another point of the assurance for maintain our competitiveness and never be ended. Furthermore, we welcome to receive any feedback from our customers, no matter good or bad for improving ourselves and fight with the aggressive challenge.